Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Analyze What?!?

A fellow blogger, Mommy Boots, decided to host a blog hop today about what our readers search for in Google to end up on our blog pages. With the help of Google Analytics, you can find out a lot about your readership, such as their geographic location, what device they read your blog from, etc. I use Blogger as my blog host, so a lot of the Google tools are already built in. There are, for example, the ‘Search Keywords’- anything people type into their Google search engines that then leads them to my blog.
Many of these are interesting, as they let you know what kind of interests are leading new readers to your site. And sometimes, the things people are looking for are bizarre and outright funny.
Unfortunately, my current list of keywords is a little drab. For a much funnier list, check out the Mommy Boots post Analyze This. Well, here’s mine anyway:
·         “Mark Nelson money schemes” – It’s actually quite ridiculous how much traffic I’ve had from a post I wrote about some spam email I got. Lots of people receive the same email and thankfully research the sender before getting involved in some shady stuff…
·         “won’t wear panties” – Ok, so this one I’m not sure about. Did someone search for this because they were having issues with their child’s potty training (which the post they found was about) or is it something more pervy. I’ll never know…
·         “daddy does daughter” – Um, I don’t even quite know what to say about this one. Gross, ew, and WTF?!? Oh, and it leads to a post I wrote about letting dads do their own thing. Which did not involve incest (just to be clear)
And, my all time favorite:
·         “pussies and fannies” – This made me so happy and makes me laugh every single time I think about it. How disappointed the searchers must have been when they found a post inspired by the nicknames my parents use for each other…

There you have it. I think I’ll have to start writing posts with random key words in them to get some more interesting traffic. I guess I could start now: mommy strippers. If you found my blog by searching this on Google, welcome!

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  1. Pussies and fannies. Best. Ever. OMG. Thanks for linking up!!!