Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Favorite Place

My favorite place to be has always been the beach. I love everything about it- the smell, the sound, the sand, the waves, the wildlife. If I had a million Dollars (or ten- let’s be real, one million doesn’t really get you all that far…) I would spend my life on the beach.

The ocean has such a soothing effect on me. It makes me feel small, insignificant, but in a good way. As though I am part of bigger whole and my imperfections and mistakes aren’t that big in the grand scheme of things.

The sea is so powerful. It is always moving, always changing, harboring within its depths so many living creatures that we have never even seen before. While it is essential to our survival, it can also kill in an instant with its ferocious waves and hidden currents.

Listening to the waves and the wind is like meditation. I could just sit and watch the ocean for hours without getting bored. A walk on the beach is a priceless way to clear my mind and make me feel at peace.

I am so lucky to be living just a short drive from the beach now. It’s a dream come true for me to be able to hop in the car and drive to a stunning beach whenever I feel like it. The kids are still a little unsure about it, scared of the movement of the water and disapproving of the sand that gets into every crevice. However, I am convinced they’ll come around and look back fondly on a time when they were so fortunate.


  1. Aw, so lovely. I love the beach. My happy place, though, is always a walking path in the woods.

  2. This is really a great place to stay. Going to the beach makes you unwind for a little, feel the breeze of the ocean while staying away from pollutants. I love going to the beach every Saturday to at least give me a little rest.