Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Monthly Writing Challenge

I love challenges. Lots of people do weekly or monthly photo challenges and benefit from them because they force one to practice and improve their skills. I’ve decided that I really need to do a writing challenge. And because I love you all and I hate doing things alone, I would like to involve all of you!
I’ve tried hosting things before and have been painfully unsuccessful. However, I am reluctant to admit defeat and am giving this one last try. For the next year, I will be posting monthly writing challenges.
Anyone is welcome to participate. You can either email me your submission to tellvivien@yahoo.com or you can link up at the bottom of each post. Submissions can be made anonymously, if you wish.
On the first of each month (or the second, if there is some reason the first doesn’t work), I will be publishing my own piece of writing along with all of the submissions I received, in the order I received them in. I will also be posting the theme for the next challenge.
Doesn’t this sound fun? I think so! Now go and write something! It can be anything you want- fiction or non, poetry, short stories, etc. I just want people to get creative and put some words on paper (or a screen, in this case)
The theme for the first challenge is: Something Green.

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  1. I bombarded your fb with some links. Hope this is okay. :)