Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Time Capsule Moment

Last night, as I was snuggling my little man and nursing him to sleep, he took my big hand into both of his little hands and held it tightly. His soft baby hands fit so perfectly on either side of my weathered adult hand. It was a moment so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. A moment in which I wished I had a time capsule that could hold all of the wonderful instances that I would love to relive over and over again, but that will never return.
I cried for the time that flies past us without stopping. I cried for the promise and uncertainty my baby’s young life holds. I cried because I won’t have a baby to hold and cuddle for too much longer. I cried because I wanted the time to stand still just once and it wouldn’t.
My greatest wish during those seconds was that we may have a moment like that together again some day. One in which his adult hands, bigger and stronger than my own, hold my hands in his just as tenderly and caringly. If I am lucky enough to experience that in my future, I will truly have had the perfect life.

Photo by Blue Silk Photography


  1. absolutely beautiful and the wish every mother experiences in moments like these.. you will have that moment when he is older.. I am sure of it because your an amazing mother!!!

  2. breathtaking... I've thought about the loss of the baby intimacies but hadn't thought about different, future intimacies with the changed adult relationship. Thank you for this, mama.