Sunday, October 2, 2011

Favorite Breastfeeding Memories

I was just asked what my favorite breastfeeding memory is. To be completely honest, I don’t know. I have been thinking about this for the past hour or so and still am unable to think of one specific moment that was more special than the others.
I think that the problem here lies in the nature of breastfeeding habits. While it is of course something wonderful and special, it is also absolutely routine behavior after the first few weeks. It never stays the same, evolving with your growing child. On the other hand, it is somehow a constant in your child’s rapidly changing world.
My favorite memories consist of the little moments. I remember how excited and relieved I was the first time I nursed my daughter without any pain. I was so proud of myself and of her for making it that far.
Who doesn’t love the milk coma babies fall into? This is a picture of R when she was just a month and a half old. Passed out after a good drinking session.
Breastfeeding was always such a huge form of comfort for both of my children. After an injury or an upsetting visit to the doctor’s office, a quick nursing session would quickly calm my babies right back down. I fondly look back on the soothing power that breastfeeding had with my daughter. I am so glad I still have that tool for my son now.
Part of my daughter’s bed time ritual used to be for her to run over to me after playing and breastfeed for a little bit before going upstairs to bed. I miss that so much! My daughter has always been a very active and busy child, so these moments were very important cuddle time.
With my son now, I enjoy our nursing sessions as much as I can because I know how fast our babies grow up. When E nurses during the day, we often play little games where he tries to stick his hand in my mouth, upon which I pretend to bite it, and he giggles hysterically. Every one of these moments is priceless!
Just a few minutes ago, I went upstairs to where my beautiful boy was stirring, and quickly nursed him back to sleep. He immediately snuggled into me and fell back into his dream land. I honestly treasure every single one of these sessions with him. I am very blessed to be able to breastfeed my son and have the relationship with him that I do. I try to enjoy every moment we get to spend together. I wish I could memorize each one and recall them all again some day.

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