Friday, October 14, 2011

I love you, Friday!

My absolute favorite day of the week is Friday. I’m sure many of you share my views on this wonderful day that I get to repeat every week, but it may be for very different reasons.
What I love most about Fridays is the promise it brings. The weekend hasn’t yet begun and you still have all the wonderful things to look forward to. It’s like a miniature version of Christmas Eve that I get to have every seven days.
Before I became a mother, I worked full time. Fridays would always be the marker of the end of the work week. At the last office I worked in, casual dress was allowed on Fridays, which was always nice. Everybody’s mood would usually be just a little bit better, with my fellow employees day dreaming about what their weekends held in store.
Friday evenings used to be reserved for going out with friends and having a blast into the wee hours of the morning. If we chose not to go out, we would still get together and have a great time. Usually, it involved alcohol to some extent. Sometimes, it involved playing dirty charades and laughing until our faces hurt…

Both of my beautiful children were born on a Friday. A fact that I was always aware of, but the significance of which I only just realized. Fridays have brought me the greatest gifts I have ever been fortunate enough to receive.
Now that we have children, Fridays are still my favorite. The best moment of the week is when I pick my daughter up from her Moms Morning Out Program. It signifies the start of the weekend, with all the fun activities we have planned still ahead of us.
Fridays are the thresholds to our family time, where both the children and I get to be around my husband. There is the possibility that I may get to sleep an extra hour or two, that we will have lots of fun as a family, and that my husband and I may get to have a date night together- all of which I get took look forward to during my Fridays.
I love you, Friday! You make me feel optimistic. I look forward to you every day of the week. And I am so glad you’re here!

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