Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Daughter's Knock Knock Joke

My heart is a little heavy this evening. I dropped my parents off at the airport. They are now on their way back to Germany and I have no idea when I will get to see them again.
Some very dear friends are moving away soon.
We still have no idea if, when, and/or where we are moving.

As you see, it’s nothing too drastic. Just some things that are on my mind and making me feel down. Those of you who know me know that I brood over things way too much, turning them over and over in my mind. Actually, this evening there is so much on my mind that I can’t concentrate on what I wanted to write.
So, as an alternative that will cheer us all up, I present to you something completely different: my daughter’s knock knock joke. My daughter is two years old (27 months, to be exact) and she is hilarious! Any time I’m a little sad, I just have to think about something funny she says and it’s all better.

R:            Knock knock!
Me:         Who’s there?
R:            P!
Me:        P who?
R:            Now that’s funny!
And she laughs hysterically!


  1. :D I love kids' jokes, especially when they make them up& giggle hysterically.

  2. THATS toooooooo cute!!!!!

    btw, i fixed my post so my FB & twitter are linked