Friday, June 10, 2011

Fabulously Friday: Taking Some Time to Yourself

Disclaimer: I couldn’t think of anything funny to write about for Foreigner Friday. I am substituting it with a new Friday format that I may use more often from now on. Let me know what you think!
One of the things I have greatly neglected since I had children is myself. Not only did I never make a big effort to lose the baby weight, I also stopped caring much about my appearance in general, still wearing maternity clothes, never doing anything with my hair, etc. I have just recently come to the conclusion that this has been a big mistake.
If you don’t feel good about yourself, you cannot be your best. You’re not as confident and not as happy as you could be. Liking yourself and valuing your own persona is incredibly important.
Therefore, Fabulously Friday is going to help you do more things for yourself that will help you feel more fabulous! It doesn’t have to be anything big- just taking a few minutes to yourself to do something you truly enjoy and that inspires you can make a huge difference.
Some of the things I did for myself this week: Continue on my Weight Watchers plan (yes, losing weight is doing something for myself! Watching what I eat and making my body more acceptable to me are making me a happier person), buy a new pair of sunglasses (the last pair I bought was in 2002!!!), buy a magazine. As you see, nothing spectacular, but all things that made me feel as though I am not just a mother, but my own person.
So, dear readers, I would like to give you some homework for this weekend. Do something for yourself that will make you feel better about who you are! If you have kids, get someone to watch them for even just a short time, and read, or take a bath, or go for a walk, or work out, or watch an episode of your favorite show- the possibilities are endless. And you don’t have to spend a dime! Unless of course you want to, in which case there are even more possibilities: new shoes, clothes, make up, books, crafty things- whatever it is that makes you happy.
Also, think of what is going to make you feel better about yourself in the long run. It can be a physical goal, or an educational one. A career choice or a hobby you have always wanted to pick up.
The point is: Do something for YOU! It is so easy to forget your own needs under the mountain of everyone else’s. However, taking some time to make yourself a happier person will in turn make everyone else happier and will make your life a more fulfilled one.
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. i feel like i never have time to myself! I just found your blog from friday blog hop, would love foryou to stop by and say hi

  2. This is a fabulous post!!! I completely understand and am gonna take more time for me, too. Thank you for sharing.. you should do a FABULOUS Friday blog hop that everyone posts what they are doing for themselves.