Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Baby Won't Eat Solids!

In general, babies can start trying solid foods around the age of six months. Some are ready a little earlier, some a little later. Either way, it shouldn’t be an issue that you should be stressed out about. Listen to your instincts and follow your baby’s cues- he or she will eat when they’re ready.
My son is now seven months old. He has been showing signs of being ready for solids- he has lost his tongue-thrust reflex, is sitting up unsupported, has been grabbing at our food when we eat, etc. A few weeks ago, I tried feeding him some avocado. At first he seemed interested, then refused to eat any more. We also tried some sweet potato, which he spat out. Today I gave him some pear. He dry-heaved, then clenched his mouth shut. (It was truly hilarious!) I guess he’s not quite ready yet…
I am not the least bit worried about him not wanting solids. I know he will eat solid food at some point- he is not going to go off to college and still want to breastfeed. I will just try every once in a while, without pushing it, and one day he’ll be interested. Until he is, breast milk is all he needs.
He may even be one of the babies who don’t like pureed food. It is quite possible he won’t want to eat anything unless he can feed it to himself. I honestly can’t blame him- have you tried the mushed up peas? They are disgusting!
I always try to imagine the days before there were age charts, pediatrician recommendations and guidelines, baby food jars, and so on. What did mothers feed their babies first? They gave them whatever they themselves were eating. When did they give it to them? Probably when the little ones were clearly able to express their interest, e.g. by grabbing or verbalizing.
So, dear mothers and fathers of babies who couldn’t care less about the food you desperately want them to eat: Don’t stress yourselves! All will be fine. Your child will eat. It just might take a little longer until he/ she is really ready.


  1. He is such a big boy too - no worries about him! Derrick never did purees. We went straight to tables foods - he was great with it. He'd eat a few bites, but then wanted mommy. now he is a little food piggy, but it took him until 9-10mo old to want solids.

  2. He's such a cutie! My daughter also was resistant to solids at first, and this stressed me out as a first time mom. I had assumed that when the time for solids came, babies would just transition so easily. And, that's usually not the case. Over time, I realized that the best approach is to not taking a stressed out attitude about it and just continuing to offer her different solids to find the ones that your child likes. Now my little girl is a toddler, so I'm dealing with picky eating, big time. We're surviving, however. One day at a time.