Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monthly Writing Challenge 3/12: The Prettiest Thing

Tiffany Clutter’s submission:

I wake up to giggles in my ear and a foot on my face,
Baby the prettiest thing I see is you.
Soft skin, and a warm embrace,
Baby the prettiest thing I see is you.
Marathon nursing sessions and long night hours,
Baby the prettiest thing I see is you.
Through the ups and downs, smiles and frowns you make my every day. 
From the bottom of my heart, till my breath stops,
Baby the prettiest thing is see is you.

My submission:
Initially, your looks deceive me. They trick my eyes and fool my heart. I am not the only one who falls for pretty things. The others, they gush over you and admire your beauty. The prettiest thing they have ever seen, they say.
My head knows better. Your beauty isn’t of substance. Your outer shell leaves me breathless with attraction, yet I know what lies beneath.
I avert my eyes from you and let my heart do the looking. Without your charming exterior the foulness that is at your core is screamingly obvious.
Now that I have seen you- truly seen beyond your stunning and infatuation appearance- I can say that you are not the prettiest thing. I can tell my heart no to dwell. You’re hardly worth a second glance. My search for true beauty continues.

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