Friday, November 2, 2012

Nurture Photography Fall Challenge - Purple/ Halloween

After missing last week’s challenge, I was so anxious to join in again. After all, the challenge Live and Love out Loud and Bumbles & Light are hosting is so much fun and it’s such an inspiration!
This week’s theme was Purple/ Halloween. Even though the past week brought us some temporarily cooler weather, Florida is still in almost full summer bloom. I didn’t have much trouble finding beautiful shades of purple in my environment. 

We took a walk through our neighborhood in the hopes that I could capture some fun Halloween pics. I didn’t really think that through and found myself shying away from taking pictures of people’s decorations outside their houses. I wasn’t too fond of the idea of being arrested…

Please join us:


  1. Lovely photos...that is quite the skeleton!

  2. I think that Autumn is the best time to look at photography blogs. Always such beautiful pictures, like these ones! Perfect. :)

    Your blog is wonderful. xo

  3. Very very great piece of art my friend! Love the pumpkin shoot while having a blurry background.