Sunday, October 7, 2012

You Don't Have to Harden Your Heart

I am such a softy. I cry watching sad movies, I cry reading sad news, I cry when I hear a sad song. Sometimes I cry when I look at my beautiful children because they make me so happy. I’m also terrible at hiding my feelings. People can read my mood like a book. I don’t carry my heart on my sleeve, I wear it smack in the middle of my face with spotlights illuminating it.
 When my daughter started going to a mother’s morning out program almost two years ago, I couldn’t stand it. I felt guilty and everything about leaving my baby girl with someone else felt wrong. People told me I would have to harden my heart, that having children meant you had to toughen up and not get too soft about them.
I’m so glad I didn’t listen. You can say whatever you want, but I am not going to harden my heart. I am going to continue feeling my feelings without any type of filter. Quite to the contrary, I am hoping in the future to trust my feelings more than I ever have.
Honestly, I think this is one of the world’s biggest problems- the lack of feeling. If we all let ourselves feel the compassion, empathy, and love we have inside of us, how much better life would be for everyone. If we didn’t expect people from childhood on to be able to ‘control’ their emotions, maybe more people would be interested in fixing the problems we have in this world.
I want to yell at people ‘Don’t look away anymore! Acknowledge your feelings and act upon them!’ We should all listen to our hearts more and change the things that make us and others unhappy. Feel your feelings and acknowledge them- we were given our inner voice for a reason.

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