Monday, October 15, 2012

A Week Without Facebook

If you know me, then you know that I am a complete and utter Facebook addict. I can’t help myself- I just love reading about others and feeling like I have someone other than my kids to communicate with. The only problem is that my addiction was starting to take on ridiculous proportions and I found myself checking my page every 15 minutes all day long. Not so cool. Especially since the companionship I was looking for was usually nowhere to be found.
Therefore, I bravely decided to go cold-turkey and disable my Facebook account for a week. One week without Facebook. I could have just logged off, but I know I would have cheated and secretly snuck a peek now and again.
It was rough. The first day felt really lonely and I didn’t quite know what to do with myself (sad, huh?) However, the week proved to be extremely productive. Here are some of the things that happened:
·         I got featured on BlogHer. Ok, this is not something I actively did, but it was still cool. And it was also horrible because I REALLY wanted to share the link on Facebook to get some support, but I stayed strong.
·         I looked at my iPhone a lot, wondering what other purposes it might possibly serve.
·         I hung out with my friend and watched Jersey Shore while eating gluten free cookies. It was fantastic!
·         I read half of a very interesting book.
·         I read up on things I have been trying to avoid, such as SEO, etc. and freelance work.
·         I was offered a job on Thursday, then another on Friday, and had to decide between the two. Tomorrow is my first day at my new job. I have to work 40 hours per week and leave the kids at home with daddy. It’s breaking my heart, but until we win the lottery (which is rather unlikely as we do not play) I have to bring in some extra $$$. At least until I start earning the big bucks writing.
·         I went out for a wonderful dinner with my fabulous friend- just the two of us.
·         I talked to almost all of my friends in Europe, which felt great.
·         I took part in the Nurture Photography Fall Challenge.
·         I completed week eight of couch to 5k, which meant walking 5 minutes, then jogging 28 minutes, then walking 5 minutes.
·         I gathered some writing ideas and creative ideas and just overall let my brain do its weird thing.

There you have it. I missed Facebook a lot, but I also feel that being away helped me to refocus and be more creative.


  1. I tried to do this last week too. Stella was out of school all week for fall break and I wanted to spend some quality time with my girls. I failed at my attempt though. I am just as addicted as you are and for the same reasons, to not feel so lonely out here. I deleted the app on Monday afternoon and reinstalled it on Wednesday. Congrats on making it through the week!

    -Stephanie R.

  2. I think I've gone without facebook for a week, but never twitter. I really really need to try!
    Good luck with your new job!!!