Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Seven Baby B's: (7) Balance

The final Baby B is Balance. I am so happy that Dr. Sears included this in his list! As in every area of our lives, maintaining good balance is key. Too much of anything can be harmful and the same is true for ‘overdoing’ things when it comes to our parenting.
A baby’s needs must be met, there can be no doubt about this. However, parents should always remember to meet their own needs as well, be they emotional or physical. It is easy for a new mother or father to forget to take care of him or herself and end up completely burned out, which is not desirable for anyone.
Parents need to make sure that they take care of themselves, their partners, and their marriage. If either partner really needs sleep, for example, it is crucial for this need to be met. There are ways in which to meet everyone’s needs without neglecting the others- in this case, the sleep deprived parent could spend an entire day in bed, only being interrupted if it were really necessary. Or there could be a regular arrangement for each parent to sleep in on one day per week.
Balance is important in every part of our lives, but especially in the difficult journey that is parenting. Parents who feel balanced will be better able to handle the stresses of everyday life with kids. Well-adjusted individuals create a family entity that is also balanced.
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