Friday, September 9, 2011

New Sleeping Arrangements

Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about The Day I Lost My Mind? Well, thankfully, things have calmed down substantially since then and we have almost settled into a new ‘normal’.
R didn’t want to nap anymore. After reading up on toddlers and naps, I decided to try to push the naps because I felt as though she may still developmentally need them. It was really difficult for our entire family. I was able to get her to take a nice nap almost daily, but I would have to sit outside her door for an hour. Then she suddenly developed difficulties falling asleep at night- it would take us two hours to help her to fall asleep.
My husband and I decided to cut the nap. R didn’t want them anyway and we were tired of coaxing her into them. Instead of napping, we now have an hour of TV time in which we snuggle together. I nurse E down to sleep and either put him in the bed or just hold him while we all cuddle on the couch. At first it was difficult for me not to have the regular nap time because I used to nap, too, and really needed it. But now I enjoy our quiet time together and am just trying to go with the flow.
R has also started waking in the middle of the night and being afraid. At first she would cry for us, now she has learned to come into our bed and go back to sleep. To be honest, I really like it! I like having the whole family together. I asked R to close the door after herself when she comes in, so the cats don’t join us (because Feebee is obnoxious and wakes us on purpose), and she has been doing it ever since. We don’t even wake up when she comes in- at some point in the night I roll over and there is my little girl.
So, our sleeping habits have changed a little again, but we knew that they would. We bought a king sized bed when I was pregnant because we anticipated nightly visitors and I am so glad we did! We all have enough room to sleep comfortably and safely.
I am happy with our new sleeping situation. Hopefully it won’t change too much in the near future- I’ll miss having my babies with me.

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  1. Glad to hear that the sleep schedule is working itself out for you guys. Its funny how we believe on how our kids need certain things like sleep but in the end the child body knows what it needs. Like for a baby learning to eat regular food verses our food. They are all different and it might take a lot of adjusting but its a great feeling when you all get on the same page.

    I wish my little ones could sleep with me again once in a while for cuddly nights but they dont fall asleep well with us and i usually get kicked in the face through the night by my youngest cuz she just doesnt stay still and none of us get a good night sleep when we try!