Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogging Funk

I love writing my blog. It is such a release for me to get at least some of my thoughts out of my head and onto (virtual) paper. Though I do enjoy the actual writing immensely, I am a little lost at the moment when it comes to the popularity of my posts.
In all honesty, I am not too concerned with the number of followers I have, etc. I realize that my blog is rather eclectic and opinionated, which does not fit into main stream interests. However, I do want to write things that will interest the people who like and read my blog. Recently, I haven’t been terribly successful in doing that.
I’m just confused as to what you want to read and what you’re interested in. My most popular post by far has been a very controversial one (if you are interested in reading it, click here) While I am more than capable of writing similar posts, I am not sure if that is desirable. The before mentioned post lost me one of my friends- I would rather not have another situation like that arise. On the other hand, I have kept my posts pretty mild lately, and I’m wondering if my readers have gotten a little bored.
I wish I could look into your minds and figure out what you would like. Or maybe I am approaching the whole thing from the wrong angle and should instead look to what it is that I really want to write about?
I don’t know. This whole blogging business confuses me a lot. It doesn’t help that I tend to over think things…
Thoughts, anyone?


  1. Girl.. this is your blog and where it is an outlet for you then go and be controversial if that is what you need to do that day! I am sorry to hear that you lost a friend over an opinion or a blog post, unfortunately not everyone can be open minded about others having their own beliefs, values, and opinions and still be just the same person that they like. I really enjoy your blog and I like to see that you are strong to stay in check with who you are as a person.. being a strong woman sometimes isn't easy and you lose friends along the way but you also gain some and with each friend that you lose or gain, you learn something more about the world we live in and who you are as a person! I over think a lot too and that tends to give some crazy nights that i get no sleep simply because my head just wont shut down at night.. i have been thinking about starting up a more personal blog too to just help get some of it out before i go to bed out night to see if that helps out at all!!

  2. I pretty much agree with what Angela said. If you're blog is really for you ... then write about what you want to write about! If someone doesn't want to follow/read, their choice!

  3. My one and only blog rule is to write it FOR ME. Not to worry that someone from work might read it, or that it won't be funny this time, or that I might offend someone (usually "conservatives" in my case). Instead, I write with honesty. I write what *I* like. I write what makes *me* smile, or makes *me* think. It's for me. And I love it. My best posts come from true inspiration, rather than when I try to force it. I like when others like my post, but I like it better when others can RELATE. If I'm honest, someone always will. :)

  4. Thank you, ladies! You've helped me out a lot :-)