Sunday, August 21, 2011


This weekend I have been thinking a lot about our world and our society. Most of the time, things just don’t make sense to me. I spend hours turning thoughts over in my head, but never come to much of a conclusion.
I have been wondering about our priorities. We live in a world of luxury, while around one billion people are without food and/or water. 1,000,000,000 people! Does that make sense? Not in the least!
Especially when I see that the beer my husband drinks comes in a bottle with a new and improved bottle neck. Really? How much money was wasted ‘perfecting’ the shape of this bottle neck?
Such a huge number of people in the world have nothing, yet our society is spending money on research trying to find things that are so unimportant, like the best tasting toothpaste. Or ways in which our lives will be made ‘easier’, where we will have to move our muscles even less and have our butts grow even bigger.
You may think that I’m making generalized statements. That is true, but maybe we have to start ignoring the complexities of all the systems that are in place in the world to be able to see more clearly. There is no reason why anyone in this world should be hungry- there is enough food for all. Politics and economic boundaries are keeping hungry people from receiving food.
I want to start setting my priorities straight. I don’t care what my toothpaste tastes of or how many cups I can comfortably fit into cup holders in a prospective car. I want there to be healthy, fed people living on this Earth. I don't want any child to have to be without love and protection. I want the planet we live on to be kept healthy. Very simple.
These priorities seem overwhelming at first. For years, I have told myself that there is not much I can do about the state of the world. My opinion on this has been altered. Each one of us has the power to make changes- be it big or small ones. The most important thing is to understand your own priorities, then to start acting upon them. It’s time to stop feeling intimidated and to start making our voices heard.
Where do your priorities lie? What changes would you like to see in the world?


  1. Bravo!!!!!! I was thinking about waste this evening when I saw a commercial (I RARELY watch TV) about "everyone wants cleaner laundry! This detergent guarantees...." these things are so irrelevant and baffling.

  2. Very deep thoughts. Those sort of things make me think and think. That is a big topic for a much longer discussion and conversation :)

  3. It's very true ... I just hold out hope that with some of this research that doesn't seem significant breakthroughs are made that are actually important ...