Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Potty Training Success!

I never thought the day would come. My daughter is three and a half years old and has never shown any interest whatsoever in potty training. It even went so far that she flat out refused to even try on any underwear. We decided to take her lead in this process and just wait till she was ready. Secretly, I was terrified she would still be in diapers by the time she was ready for college. However, a week ago, she suddenly announced she was ready to wear big girl panties and that was that.
The first couple of days were a little rocky, as she was still discovering the need to control her bladder, and I cleaned up a few accidents. After that, it went swimmingly. I don’t want to jinx us here, but she has been doing fantastic- no accidents and even doing her bigger business in the toilet.
I was never in a hurry to have my children out of diapers- I find them so convenient. Now I see why parents are so eager to say good-bye to changing soiled pants. This is great!
Of course, we’ve had some comical instances in the process and I am soooo grateful to have tile floors, but overall there was really no “training” involved. She decided she was ready and now she uses the toilet (not a little potty that needs emptying and cleaning, but the actual toilet) like a big girl. I’m very happy that we chose to go this route, especially with our spirited daughter. Everything else would have involved a battle I had no interest in fighting.
So, if you’re like me and don’t want to bother with the agony that is potty training, try the relaxed approach. It may take a little longer, but it will be a lot easier on your nerves.
(Just to test things out, we let our son, who is 22 months, try pottying; he did well a few times. He also just splashed around in a pee puddle with his feet and then sat in it. Not quite ready yet…)


  1. I can't imagine diapers being convenient! Ew! But I'm not a mom yet...