Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Lazy Way to Get New Apps

As I’ve mentioned before, I am addicted to my iPhone. I seriously feel as though my life wouldn’t be quite the same without it. A few months ago, my 3GS died on me and I was so pissed at Apple that I decided to buy a different kind of smart phone. It was not for me, so I swapped phones with my husband and now have his 4G, which I love.
My husband is way more up to date on all things electronic than I am- he knows about all the different phones available and exactly what you can use these phones for. I am not really very into any of the tech stuff, so anything that I come across is usually brought to my attention by my husband or a friend.
However, there is now a new service called appSmitten which is perfect for people like me who like to use apps, but couldn’t really be bothered to find out about what good ones are out there. If you sign up for their service, they will send you daily or weekly emails with app recommendations for the type of device you have- be it an iPhone, Droid, or iPad. The best thing about it: it’s absolutely free! Just enter your email address and appSmitten will send you a list of the best and most useful apps around.
If you are interested, you can sign up for their newsletters here or just check out their website and see if it is something that might be helpful to you.

Disclaimer: I have been asked to participate in an affiliate program with appSmitten and will (hopefully) receive a small payment for new subscribers.

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