Monday, February 13, 2012

I Hate Potty Training

My daughter R is almost three years old and not yet potty trained. Not a big deal in my opinion and I haven’t been rushing her. Recently, she has started showing interest in using the potty. I know most of you moms would be super excited, but I just hate this!!! I feel as though my life already revolves around urine and excrement removal, so any additional time I have to spend on this subject has me feeling a bit unhappy.
I guess it would be different had R figured the whole potty thing out. However, she is just experimenting with it for now. She wants to pee in the potty, but only when she feels like it. She won’t wear panties and insists on being in a diaper of some sort. Therefore, I have to deal with potty clean up as well as diaper changing. No fun for me.
I have horror visions of future trips to public restrooms with both of my children. Juggling a fat little toddler boy while trying to explain to my daughter that the Target toilet brush is actually not meant to be used for brushing her hair just doesn’t have any appeal to me. And from what I can tell, R is going to be one of those girls who has to go to the bathroom at least ever y half hour.
Maybe I am also somewhat reluctant to see my children growing up so fast. My daughter blows me away with her wit and intelligence every day. Once we conquer potty training there will be no stopping her- she’ll be moved out of the house before I even know what’s going on…


  1. by the time I had my 6th child I realized he would not be in diapers in high school...and once I realized this and got a whole lot easier!! the kids decided for themselves when they were ready and it was just that easy.

  2. I am in the EXACT same boat right now, only my girl only wants to use the potty when we are out in public, like at a restaurant. KILLS ME!

  3. My son will be 4 in 2 weeks and still is not potty trained. He started showing interest in the potty at age 2 and we introduced a potty chair but he refused to go on it. I never felt like we pushed him, but somewhere along the line he must have felt stressed b/c now if you even mention "potty" to him he bawls. I'm trying to just let him decide when he's ready, but it's so frustrating! I have fears that my child won't be allowed to start kindergarten b/c he's still in diapers! What's a mom to do????

  4. Put her new panties on her tightly, when she's fast asleep. If she has to go pee, she'll need to try pull one side of her new panties.