Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Padded Bikinis and Breastfeeding Dolls

We were watching ABC earlier and a preview for Good Morning America caught my husband's eye. He rewound the recording and played it back for me. In said preview, ABC expressed outrage over the Abercrombie & Fitch padded bikini for little girls (I am assuming that you have all heard about this already, so I won't go into too much detail), mentioning in the same breath breastfeeding dolls, followed by 'Is this too much too soon?'

My husband thought it would piss me off and it really did! How can you even compare a garment that is meant to sexualize young girls with a product that is intended to teach girls how babies are naturally fed? It is a total mystery to me and I will not tolerate it!

There are so many different brands of baby dolls available, all of which come with a bottle for feeding. Babies portrayed in books and on TV are all fed with bottles. Babies you see out and about in public are mostly fed with bottles (even breastfeeders often bring expressed milk in bottles to avoid nursing in public) I have also noticed that even zoo animals are being bottle fed more and more. What in the hell is going on?

Have we forgotten who we are? Are we willing to have our lives completely taken over by mega corporations who only care about our money? Can we not at least feed our babies natural food?

I have had enough! Breastfeeding is the most normal and beautiful thing there is. Without it, there would not be any mammals- yes, that includes humans- on this earth. I want to see it become the norm again.

I am not willing to have it portrayed as sexual or perverted or disgusting. The A&F bikini top in question is making girls as young as seven years old feel as though they might have to increase the size of their busts to be accepted by their peers and be liked. That is truly disgusting. It is outrageous to compare it to a breastfeeding doll. It is a scandal for ABC to even put the two in the same sentence.

Watch Good Morning America tomorrow and give them a piece of your mind online or send them a Tweet @ABC and let them know how ridiculous their comparison is!


  1. America's media have been making girls want to be Barbie dolls for a long time now. Perfect figures, no nipples or genitals to think or care about, and nothing to say back at the fact of it all. It's hard to listen to. With all this saturation idiocy, parents need to remember they are still the main teachers to their children. And with that, need to repeat over and over what is right and what is so completely wrong!

  2. Wow, whoever made the comparison between a nursing dolly and a push up bikini for 8-year-olds is off their rocker, if you ask me. These have nothing to do with each other. One is promoting a natural desire to be a Mother and nurse her young, the other is promoting a promiscuous, sexualized, provocative swimsuit for a 2nd grade child. That is ridiculous. Chalk it up to one more reason why we don't have TV! Haha... you're completely right with this.

    xo Cass
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