Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mummy Had a Bad Day

So today, I have been a bad mummy. I have been impatient and angry; I yelled at my daughter and got upset with my baby son. And for this, I owe them an apology.
The day started off wrong, I only got maybe four hours of sleep again. My daughter woke up around 6:15am, way too early. Everything I wanted her to do she didn’t want to cooperate on. She annoyed her little brother on purpose, waking him when he had finally fallen asleep. My son is not happy unless he is in my arms, crying constantly when I have to put him down to tend to his sister.
I may have been more patient had this not been the third sleepless night in a row. It also didn’t help that I overbooked our day, which meant that I had to clean the bathroom, cook a Spanish omelet (for the first time ever), and get everything else done and all of us out of the house by 9:15am.
I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. I know I try to do too many things. This is paired with my extreme exhaustion. Some days having two kids under the age of two really gets the best of me.
Here’s the problem: it’s not their fault. They certainly did not choose to be born this close together. I’m sure they would both love undivided attention from me. They weren’t really being bad today, they were just being kids. But because I was so overwhelmed I handled the situation poorly. I should not have gotten upset with them.
My children are my all. I don’t want to ever be without them and I don’t ever want to mistreat them. God has blessed me beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I had a bad day. I am apologizing to my children for not being my best today. I love them so much. Thankfully, I know they love me, too, and they will forgive me.


  1. You are not a bad mommy! The fact that you can gather your thoughts and write this is proof enough that you are awesome. I am going to have to bookmark this so I can reread it during the times when I am frustrated.

  2. Ugh I'm having the same day, I'm so sorry!