Monday, August 16, 2010

Our New Bed, My Best Friend

Honestly, I have nothing exciting to write about. Of course there are millions of topics that could be discussed, but I haven't had anything specific on my mind today.

So, I have decided to tell you about our new bed. Andy and I had been thinking about getting a king sized bed for a while now. Thanks to some persuasion from our wonderful friends, we decided to finally take the plunge and get one. Now, I am slightly OCD, so we couldn't just go out and buy a new mattress. We had to research and shop and review for a few weeks until I was ready to commit.

Last Friday, we bought it. A beautiful latex/ memory foam, covered with a bamboo fabric, king mattress and bed frame. I won't tell you the exact price, but we did have to spend over $1000. My initial thought was to try and find a king sized bed to match the bedroom set we already have. After searching around at multiple locations and realizing the cost that would be involved, we decided that a simple bed frame is fine for the time being. We may even try to be creative and make our own headboard for it one day. We'll see...

We also had to buy new sheets and a new comforter set. My husband has turned into quite the sheet-snob and insisted on looking for a 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton set. We found a set on Ebay for $55. They are very nice, but rather thin. For that price, I am not complaining! The comforter set we liked best was on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond. It is a very light blue and is just wonderful.

Friday was the big day when our mattress and frame were supposed to be delivered. I waited around patiently all day, only calling them twice to check on the ETA. Finally, around 7:15pm, two disgruntled students carried our precious purchase up the stairs into our room. Nothing ever goes 100% smoothly for us, so they informed us that they had run out of bed frames and would have to bring us one next week. I didn't care.

Our beautiful new mattress- my new best friend- is now lying on our bedroom floor, beckoning me every minute of the day. I just love it!!!!!! I have so much room, it's unbelievable. My husband doesn't snore as much sleeping on it. For the first time in many years I have that wonderful feeling of joy when I get into my bed, like I am enjoying some sort of special treat. I feel guilty for having spent so much money on a complete luxury item. However, then pictures of two children sleeping in bed with us come to mind and I realize that this may have been one of the most important things we have ever bought...

So, dear couples with children or who plan on having children one day: Your children will, at some point in their lives, be sharing a bed with you. Get a huge bed- the bigger, the better. You will avoid constantly getting kicked in the face and other uncomfortable encounters. You will get better sleep. It is the best piece of baby furniture you'll ever own. It will make you happy :-)

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